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 What is commerce

The size of the business has developed a lot in the modern era. This one word that we get to hear again and again is what is commerce.

 definition of commerce

 The process of transporting a commodity from production to the consumer is called commerce.

Under which business, industry, banking, communication, traffic, etc., are included.

what is commerce  Barter was prevalent in ancient times? Gradually, trade developed and the currency system developed. Due to this, the breadth of trade became more and more. It is not less than only one production, it is recognized by agents, by age, and, distribute customers. In such a situation many more people got involved in this process. Like distribuandtorage and not, banking staff, it has also become necessary to have an accounting system to keep an account of all these. The type of business that emerged by combining all these processes is called commerce.

what is commerce
what is commerce

Which is the major branch involved in commerce.

 definition of   industry

An organization engaged in the production of a commodity is called an industIncreasingease the utility of a commodity is called production

definition of business

 Buying and selling any item to earn a profit is called business. It is necessary for businesses that this process of buying and selling continues continuously.

factors affecting commerce

(1) Skilled division of labor

 When there is an object skilled division of labor in a country. So there the mass production of goods starts. Due to this. the cost of production starts reducing. It becomes possible to produce small to subtle and more than one attractive object. As a result, the market for those goods becomes more expansive.

(2) Strong Banking System 

 For the expansion of the market in any country, it is considered very necessary to have a safe and strong banking system. Because the banking system is strong, then the market of goods in the country will be wider than usual.

(3) Government policies

 Government policies also directly affect the market of that country. If the government implements such policies, under which there is no tax on the export of goods, giving facilities and incentives to the exporters the age, etc. So definitely the market for goods in that country will be wider,.

(4) Scientific Techniques of Business 

The scientific way of doing business ie new and high technology is being used such as attractive advertisements etc., then in such a situation, the market of goods starts spreading far and wide. That is, due to the use of new techniques of business, the market expands relatively.

5) Peace and Security 

 For the better development and expansion of any market, an atmosphere of peace and security must exist,s in that country. Otherwise, in the absence of peace and security, instead of expansion, expansion begins to shrink.

(6) Honesty of traders 

If the traders in the market are honest and reputable, then the buyers start trusting them. As a result, buyers start coming from far and wide to buy goods from them. That is, honesty and good behavior of traders, both prove helpful for expansion in the market.

The functions of commerce 

1. Removing the handicap of the individual by marking the goods available from producers to consumers after the production of a commodity. through business.

2. The country's transport plays an important role in the development of any market. Removes barriers in the movement of goods from the place of production to the markets for sale.

3. The activities of warehousing and warehousing remove the time constraint by providing the facility of keeping stock of goods as per the requirement.

4. Insurance company plays an important role in commerce. Insurance covers the risk of loss or damage to goods due to theft, fire, accidents, etc.

5. Banking In today's modern business, there has been a significant reduction in cash transactions.

It removes the constraint of finance by providing money to a businessman to acquire assets, buy raw materials, and meet other expenses.

6. Advertisement Creating demand for a commodity is called advertisement. Removes the barrier of information that informs consumers about the goods and services available in the market.

Talking about the study of commerce, it can be taken like science and art,

history of commerce

  India's commercial development from Harap culture had begun.

India has also gained a lot of fame in commerce-related work. The economic system of the ancient Aryans can be traced from Vedic literature. From the Vedic period, the Dravidians and the Aryans established trade and cultural relations with Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon. There was an all-around development of crafts and commerce in India for hundreds of years before Christ. The mention of unions of merchants is found in the literature of that time. The foreign travelers of that time praised the advanced industry and commerce here. India continued its domination of the sea for about three thousand years and made great progress in its trade and commerce. He remained the leader of the world and the center of commerce for hundreds of years. In that period, Indians have taken care of their own profit in commerce as well as the interests of others.

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