history of America


history of America
There is an Ebering sea between the American continents from Siberia of Russia. It used to connect the Siberia region of Asia with the Alaska region of North America.
A group of tribes from Siberia went out in search of food, this was the time when the Ice Age was in its early stages, about 27 thousand years ago, a pool of ice formed in the Bering sea from Siberia of Russia on the American continents.
Connects the Siberia region of Asia to the Alaska region of North America. A group of Mango tribes reached Alaska through this pool. From here the history of America began.
A group of tribes reached Alaska through this pool.
Humans first reached Alaska through this ice bridge built on the Bering Sea and then spread to other parts of the American continents. This place was also very cold. But when they go some distance they are suitable
  The land was found suitable for them to live in. With the passage of time, they learned to do farming and developed their civilizations.

history of America

America is considered the world's super power. But the history of America is not very old, it was discovered in 1492, its area is 3898 square miles, which is the fourth largest country in the world. It is made up of 50 states and a federal district, its capital is Washington, D.C. The largest city is New York. Its population is 32.5 million, which is the world's most populous country after China and India, America.

It is made up of several states. Hence the name United States of America. Its geography, climate and wildlife are extremely diverse. About 80% urbanization has taken place in America and it is developing day by day.

history of America
who discovered america

Columbus knew that the Earth was round, so he set out in search of India through the sea. Columbus considered them to be Indians and named them Red Indians.

When Columbus came back to Spain, he told that he had discovered India. This word spread all over Europe and people started reaching through the sea. But when an explorer named Amerigo Vespucci said that the place Columbus discovered is not India but America.

When the European countries got information about the American continents, they competed to make their own colonies, in which Britain, Spain and France were all ahead. In the eastern part of here, the British people had settled 13 different colonies, which used to run their rule under the British flag. There were other people here besides England and Europe.

american war of independence 

In 1773, a resolution passed in the British Parliament imposed a tax on the import of tea on Americans, which meant that America was a slave of Britain. But the people settled in 13 colonies were not satisfied with the policies of the British government and they declared themselves as an independent nation on 4 July 1776, named United Nations.

After a long war, in 1783, the governments of France and England recognized these 13 colonies as a separate country, which was named United States. In 1788, the United Nations enacted its constitution and made George Washington the first president.

After becoming a country, America started expanding its empire. In 1803 the US bought Louisiana, a large part of France. In 1848, the United States annexed California from Mexico.

In World War I, America showed the power of military power and in World War II emerged as a superpower by using nuclear weapons. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the end of the peace war, the United States became known as a superpower
America's War of Independence was primarily a conflict of economic interest between Great Britain and its colonies, but in many ways it was also a rebellion against a social and political system whose utility in America had never ended. In other words, it can be said that the American Revolution was the result of many forces simultaneously economic, political, social and religious. There were mainly a few reasons. Which became the cause of the American Revolution.

Trade Act: England made a law that goods produced in America such as rice, iron, wood, tobacco etc. could be exported only to England. These rules caused great resentment among the colonies. Because the French and Dutch merchants were ready to pay them more for these goods than the British.
Industrial Act: England made a law that the industrial goods that were produced in England could not be produced by its American colonies. Thus, by the law of 1689, the export of woolen goods from the colonies and hats by the law of 1732 AD were stopped.

According to the provision of the Navigation Act : 1651 AD, trade in the colonies could be done only through ships from England, Ireland or the colonies. Under this arrangement was made that all kinds of raw materials necessary for England should not be exported from the colonies to other places without bringing them to the ports of England. This benefited not only the shipping industry of England but also the merchants of England. Under the Act of 1663, it was said that goods exported from Europe to the American colonies would first be brought to the ports of England. This law benefited the merchants of England and the owners of merchant fleets at the expense of the American consumer. These laws were unjust to the colonists

development of intellectual consciousness

Along with the stability of life in America, education and journalism developed which contributed to the development of intellectual consciousness. Many intellectual thinkers of America such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, John Adams, Thomas Paine, James Otis, Samuel Adams etc. justified the resistance of the colonies to the motherland. His ideas were influenced by thinkers like John Locke, Montesquieu. But these views were expressed so strongly that it bolstered the American people's demand for self-government.

The Declaration of Independence is a political document on the basis of which the 13 North-American colonies of England declared themselves independent from England on July 4, 1776. since its
July 4th is a national holiday in the USA.
The struggle that the residents of America started in the year 1775 for the rights of British rule and to get rid of their difficulties, it culminated in the freedom struggle in the second year itself. The repression policy of the then ruler of England, George III, lost hope of compromise and soon there was complete separation. Thomas Paine, a militant youth from England, further ignited the spirit of freedom through his book "Commonsense". On June 7, 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed in the Peninsular Congress that the colonies had the right to be independent. After debate on this proposal, a committee was formed on 11 June to prepare the "Declaration of Independence", which entrusted this task to Thomas Jefferson. Adams and Franklin made some amendments to the manifesto prepared by Jefferson and presented it to the Peninsular Congress on June 28, and on July 2 it was passed without opposition.
Jefferson prepared this manifesto not keeping in mind the difficulties and needs of the people of the colonies, but keeping in mind the philosophical principles of the natural rights of man.

America's first President George Washington

George Washington was born in the British colony of Virginia in 1732. those of America

Father of America" ​​and also known as the Father of the Nation of America. He played an important role in the independence of America from the British Raj and in the American Revolution (1775 – 1783).
Served in the British military and became Commander-in-Chief of the Colonial Army during the American Revolution. Washington was elected as the first President of America and made an integral contribution to the creation of the United States of America. Today America is the most powerful country in the world. America has contributed a lot in that.

America's history is not very old
But in a very short time it has developed itself. Which makes America the best of today.
America is the most powerful country in the world. Political, socio-economic occupies an important place in all the subjects.

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