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what is a relationship in love?

Trying to prove yourself right all the time leads you to more stress. Keeping your separate identity is very important for relationships. what is a relationship in love?

Can we understand someone? Do we know any understanding? The only thought here is the first one of our relationship. As long as the relationship is good. We feel that our understanding is good for each other. But they are recognized only when the relationship starts deteriorating. Those who say that two moments are enough to recognize someone, do not even recognize the person with whom they live their whole life, what is the reality of relationships, this thought comes again and again. If you understand the other, then it is better to know the reality of the relationship so that you can maintain it. Instead of proving your point right every time, it is better to understand the point of the other as well. So that you can take your relationship towards a better understanding.


meaning of relationship

There is no fixed definition of a relationship. Even if we try, someone may not be able to create a definition that can deeply define relationships. It does not mean that the relationship is a complicated thing that cannot be explained, but the reality is that a 'relationship' is life. There is a great measure of success of IIT Bombay, which cannot be expressed in a few words.

Relationships are not of blood, relations are of feeling, if realized, strangers are also our own, if not realized, then even our own are strangers. The bond is not of relationships but of feeling… If there is no feeling then relationships become compulsion. There is no place for love… and anyway, relationships are for life, life is not for relationships.

There is no limit to the relationship of such a feeling. neither beginning nor end. there is no restriction…there is no request from that side. there is only the sweet and wet fragrance of the relationship with that unknown person who leaves it. But still, it keeps on smelling us till that moment… as long as we are connected with that unknown person.

The real relationship is that which we make with our full understanding and analysis and with our choice. Then whether it is a relationship between two friends or lovers or even a family-like relationship between neighbors. This thing is 'common' in all. No relationship was formed by chance or under social pressure.

Today, not one definition of relationships came to the fore, life today showed itself in a strange form, it came to know that relationships are either just in name or meaning, people change as soon as the meaning is gone, like the weather and we stand by watching them change. We live only because this form of relationship is completely new. In earlier times, friends were like Ram or Krishna who used to sacrifice everything for their friends, but today it is not so, today relationships are used only for the sake of meaning. Where the meaning ends, the relationship ends, but is it right? If we do the same thing with you, will we be able to tolerate it? It will be a matter of regret that why we did not understand the definition of relationships in time.

what is a love language?

Love has no language of its own. It depends on how much you understand each other. You may not know each other's language but you are able to explain your feelings to others. So this will be the language of love. When we look at the definition of communication, it means that others can understand you. And in love, if you can explain your words to others, this will be the language of love.
It can be in the form of a gift or by speaking or by expressing your feelings in any way.

Love is that language that needs its feelings more than words to speak. Language is a language science that plays an important role in understanding any relationship. The concept of love languages ​​was introduced by author and marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman, who first wrote about them in his 1992 book The Five Love languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate,

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