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definition of love

There are crores of people in the crowd of life. In these crores of people, we meet thousands of people. But there is only one who makes us feel our lack.
 Maybe this is the emotion that we call love.

"Close my eyes for a while and forget the world.
   But the lamp of your memories also burns up. 
   Where nothing else in the world can be seen.''

When we meet someone, he gives us a place in his heart. Everyone has his own psychological world. In which he gives space in every way. If he is happy with that place, then all is well. Trouble is when You want your place in another's heart in your own way.

We want to hold the relationship firmly, while the relationship is not caught, they are handled. Everything is not necessary as we want it to be. Some things we should also consider others. It is very important to understand the feelings of others with our desire. is important.

The changing equations of life reveal a new definition of relationship,
There is a fear of any change. Everything gives a feeling of being away from you. You can fight with the whole world but not with the one whom you consider yours.

Someone's love makes you powerful in front of the world, you can fight with the whole world, and you can face every problem.
But you can never fight the one you love. His callousness puts you under stress and you start thinking of yourself as the weakest in the world

Some relationships make a world of memories. Whenever you are lonely, get lost in those memories. The face smiles thinking about you but the name eyes feel your distance. Life doesn't know what it wants from me. At every turn, a question is left.

It is also a dream to think that someday I will forget you.
Don't know what the confusion is. Forgetting you is also a dream and making you your own is also a dream,
Expectations to get something in life are essential to living. But the hope of getting something only gives tension in life. Even after losing some relationships, we do not want to accept their reality.
                                       The dreams related to those relationships are so firmly on our eyelids. We cannot separate them even if we want to.

See in your memories the world of those dreams was very colorful, but when the circumstances start changing, it becomes difficult to maintain a conscious relationship. There is no shortage of colors in the dream but in the world of reality.

Decide your dreams by recognizing the real nature of life, it is good to dream, but there is a difference between dreams and reality, it is also important to understand their reality. We cannot fulfill the deficiency of anyone, but we cannot even give trouble to all the people associated with us for a relationship.
Some roads in life are like two banks of a river. 

definition of love

 When I started remembering you,\
 I started shedding tears.
You started appearing in every drop of Sabnam[Dew is small drops of water that form on the ground and other surfaces outdoors during the night.]
When I fell asleep at night,
 I saw you in my dreams
a piece of paper.
If you can understand then it is the sound of my heartbeats.
When I started remembering you while writing every word
 I started shedding tears again.

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