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 How to understand love is a question to which everyone searches.
: Do you know
 You have also searched for the answer to this

Life will be reduced to your memories one day. I will remember you for the rest of my life. I have heard that the world is not created by any one person, but the memory of only one will become my world

love rose

Life often brings us to a point where the desire to get something exceeds the value of life.
But we do not understand the inner conflict within ourselves, how can we understand it to others.
In this situation, two types of thinking develop.
The people associated with us understand our situation and problems better than us. Their thoughts are rational. But they do not understand those positive aspects whose value for us has exceeded life. For us he only presents logic. Our feeling is beyond their understanding, and any kind of problem related to personal feelings is beyond their understanding. It is difficult to think whether we love ourselves more or you.
I have heard that life is bound by the strings of relationships, but some relationships do not have any strings.
There is no base but it is very strong from the heart. Such relations ask us to smile by putting baskets. They do not ask about our hopes, but they do tell us about our expectations.
How easy it is to understand others in life and how difficult it is to understand yourself in those small things. Life doesn't go by doing big things. It goes by understanding the small details of the relationships related to life.

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